Friday Afternoon Chat with our Founder: What Makes You Proud

 This week we talk to one of our founders Carl Belshaw on the subject - What Makes You Proud.  2020 has been a busy and eventful year for TIMBR as we launched our website but we grabbed a brew and a brownie and chewed the fat to get some insight into the 3 things that make our founder proud.
  1. A Job you Love

Firstly, I’m proud to have a job I love.  I’ve always enjoyed working and working hard; however, I only truly loved my job when I became my own boss and starting TIMBR gave me that opportunity.

I don’t really have a typical structure to my day and often the hours can be long however I take enormous satisfaction and pride in the fact I have been able to follow my passion. I truly believe by loving what I do, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

  1. My Children and Family

I married my wife last year and we now have our second baby on the way, in fact, she is expected any day now!

I’m fiercely proud of my family, since the moment I became a father the instinct to protect strongly kicked in and I’m very lucky that I get to spend lots of quality time with my family, mainly hiking in the Lake District, which has also been a strong influence on our website where all our photography is set.

I’m also very lucky to work with my brother combining my two passions: family & my work.
  1. Our Company Proposition

Our philosophy is to make our mum proud of everything we do, and I hope we also make our customers proud of the way we treat them.

My proudest offering at TIMBR is the Watch for Life Promise.  I truly think this is a unique offering and shows our customers the confidence we feel in our products.  Where else can you purchase a watch and rest safe in the knowledge that it will be replaced for a small admin fee, should anything happen with it down the line.

Well there you have it, 3 things that make our founder proud and he even paid for the coffee and cake, what a great boss!  If you would like any more information on our Watch for Life Promise click here.

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